Past Product Types

Product Experience

  1. Power and Heated Seats
    stampings, tubes, lather, foam, motors, gearing, cables, heaters, recliners
  2. Power Steering Assemblies
    electric and hydraulic
  3. Axle Assemblies
  4. Drive Shaft Assemblies
  5. Air Bags
    assemblies, ECUs, connectors, bags, stampings and injection molded
  6. Braking
    1. Rotors / Caliper Assemblies / Brake Pads
    2. Anti Lock Braking
    3. Stability Control
  7. Engines
    1. Water Pumps
    2. Engine Control Modules
    3. Fuel Systems
    4. Oil Pumps
    5. Cooling
  8. Transmissions
  9. Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
    Solenoids, Sensors, Motors, Lumbar
  10. Assembled Printed Circuit Boards
  11. Chassis & Suspension
    Control arms, shocks, bushings, king pins
  12. Door Panel Systems
    Injection Molding, switches, wire harness, vinyl, foam, lights
  13. Wiring Systems
    wire, connectors, junction boxes, tape, ties, switches, etc.
  14. Infotainment
    Radio, Navigation, Entertainment, Heating and Cooling