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2022-2023 Spend Analysed - $807M | Savings Identified - $73M | Savings Implemented - $14M | Inflation Offset - $11M | 100+ Supplier Collaborative Cost Models Launched | Introduction of Cost Models in 10+ New Commodities | Parts Analysed for Negotiations 15000+ | Buyers Trained 250+ | Collaboration with Suppliers 120+ | Entered New Industries – Electric Vehicle airplanes, Airbags, Steering Wheels, Drones, Retail Gourmet Fresh Food, Windows; Doors, Electric Vehicle – HVAC, Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, Electric Delivery Vehicles | Launched Cost Models into Tube Assemblies, PCB, PCBA, Packaging Optimization, Hose Assemblies, Joystick Controllers, Hydraulic Cylinders, Counterweights, Heat Exchangers, Production Tooling |

Hello, we're Collaborative Supply Chains, A world leader in product costing with suppliers.

We make the relationship more strategic and productive between customers and suppliers by standardizing costs

We optimize your products designs to accelerate DFM (Design for manufacturing)

We accelerate waste identifications by knowledge based sourcing and "should be" cost models.

We Provide Should be Cost Models for Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Electrical

About Us

Collaborative Supply Chains

Collaborative Supply Chains is committed to revolutionizing supply chains through collaboration and strategy.
- The company promotes open book cost models to increase transparency and efficiency in businesses.
- The team is dedicated to working with companies to transition their supply chain processes
- Our cost engineering team provides support and guidance to ensure accurate cost tracking and management which allows for better decision making and cost savings.
- The company's expertise and innovative approach strive to improve the overall performance of your supply chain.
- Collaborative Supply Chains aims to drive success for your company.

Collaborative Supply Chains

New Business Models

Simple Market Pricing holds you back in the old world, blind and without direction. Where do you make improvements when you have no site line to the cost drivers and waste. The transition to detailed knowledge based costing enables tremendous productivity improvements through cost driver transparency. It allows for the transformation to new business models that allow companies to go faster, work better together with their suppliers and find waste efficiently.

Collaborative Supply Chains

Inflation Offset & Price Increase Management

Inflation and price increase requests are creating turmoil in our businesses today. We have a strong history of offsetting inflation and price increase requests. We do this by mapping out all cost drivers and find areas of continuous improvement. The list of common improvements include the following:

Collaborative Supply Chains

Right Costs for Right Products

We provide you with the costing information and cost targets that you need for the products that you design and procure. This information can then be used for benchmarking, waste identification and continuous improvement with your suppliers, product engineers and buyers.

Collaborative Supply Chains

Resources & Locations

We have cost engineering resources around the globe including USA, Europe, China and India. We have invested in local cost engineering resources to be able to support your global supply chains and operations. We will build a cost engineering team to support your companies costing needs.

Collaborative Supply Chains

How To Contact Us

We are flexible and can adjust quickly to meet your needs. We can support small projects or provide a dedicated cost engineering team for global support. Our team is focused on helping your company with all its cost requirements.

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Call us at: +1 734-834-3636

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